Mid-life Crisis World Tour

First off, I must credit my ex-husband for this title.  I texted him my tentative travel dates with and without the kids for his approval and he said, “…sounds like a mid-life crisis world tour.”  I thought that was a fair assessment and slightly comical.  My instinctive reaction was to reply, “Better than the douchemobile you bought five years ago,”  but I refrained.


In my 39 years on this planet, I’ve sadly never traveled outside of the continental United States and even more sadly, haven’t explored much of that.  In 2005 I planned a trip to Italy and got my passport.  A messy breakup killed that trip and though I was invited to travel abroad several times before having kids, I was never able to because of lack of time and/or money.

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Game of Thrones Anticipation

What an emotional past week it has been!  We saw the first images of a black hole, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the heartbeat anti-abortion bill, Realtor.com listed Columbus the #1 hottest real estate market in the country, Journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested, Wendy Williams filed for divorce (yes, that made the news Friday), deadly tornadoes, and Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters Tournament [Can we talk about that for a second?  I was sobbing.  Especially when he hugged his son.  Also, winning 5 green jackets puts him one behind the leader, Jack Nicklaus, and one ahead of Arnold Palmer.  Amazing.].

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