Lindi Ortega: Lady in Red Boots

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A musician undefined by genre, “Indie Lindi” Ortega has lived and played in Nashville, achieved her bucket list goal of playing the Grand Ole Opry,  toured the world, and been nominated for numerous awards.  With all of this accomplished, now her ultimate goal as an artist is to reach people’s core making music.  And that she does with her latest album Liberty.

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Don’t Suffer Silently

Last week The Players’ Tribune published Kevin Love’s article Everyone Is Going Through Something.  In it he discusses his experience with anxiety and having  a panic attack during a Cavs game.  Also, how until that point, he didn’t feel like he could benefit from talking about his issues and the circumstances that may have led up to this incident.

The taboo surrounding mental health is lessening, but still exists.  I admire any person, public figure or not, who is willing to put their personal experience out there for the benefit of others.

I met a man last weekend who two seconds after shaking my hand, when asked how he was doing by the man next to me me, looked at him and started talking about how he was struggling with panic attacks.  I admired his ability to speak so openly about it.

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