HIL4: My WHOLE30® Alternative

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Anyone else doing the Thanksgiving sit of shame?  You know, when you sit down the day after Thanksgiving, you probably just finished an enormous plate of leftovers, and you can very literally feel that you have added a measurable amount to your waist, thighs, and hips?  Anyone?

It’s not about the way you look, but the way you feel.  Rather than wait for New Year’s resolutions to take care of it, and without ruining your holiday party season, try this instead:

As promised months ago, here is my alternative to the impossible (for me) WHOLE30®.  Since I hate few things more than clicking on a recipe and scrolling FOREVER to get to the ingredients or instructions, let’s get right to it…

HIL4  =  4 DAYS OF:


•  4 minutes of continuous activity 4 times a day

•  4 glasses of water before noon

•  4 glasses of water before six

•  4 meals a day


•  dairy

•  sugar

•  alcohol

•  processed foods


•  check in with your buddy @4p

•  don’t eat after 8p

•  keep healthy snacks on hand

•  get 8 hours of sleep

Other tips to increase your probability of sucess:

•  find a buddy to do this with you OR at the least someone to hold you accountable

•  plan and prepare your meals and snacks for those 4 days

•  look at your schedule and block off your four days wisely

Video to follow…