THE virus VEIL Care Instructions

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Okay friends, orders are starting to ship.  Once you receive THE virus VEIL, then what?

  1. WASH IT.  Remove the safety pin from the netting.  Remove the shield.  Loosen both drawstrings all the way.  Place the veil in a lingerie bag or pillow case (secure pillowcase with hairband or rubber band) and wash in cold water.  Fragrance free detergent and no fabric softener are preferred.  Fresh smelling laundry is great but not when you’re wearing the garment over your head all day.
  2. DRY IT.  Hang from the bottom with clamp hanger to dry.  You may want to throw it in the dryer for a couple of minutes to loosen the wrinkles, but that’s it.  And really, two clamp hangers (front bottom and back bottom) would help it to dry more quickly.
  3. WEAR IT.  Replace the shield once dry and it’s ready to wear.