THE VIRUS VEIL face mask alternative



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THE virus VEIL is currently on backorder until June 30, 2021.  Placing your order now puts you in line to receive this item once it does become available.  Should the item not be available to SHIP by June 30, 2021, you will receive a full refund OR the have the option to wait until the item is available at an updated time.


THE VIRUS VEIL is an alternative to a public use face mask for protection against the coronavirus COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses.

It is worn over a baseball cap or any stiff brimmed hat that will hold the shield away from the face.

It is secured at the top and bottom by a drawstring with a stop lock.

The face shield is conveniently removable, secured with velcro, for safe machine washing.

The combination of materials provide both mechanical and electrostatic filtration that in a recent study were found to filter 80% of particles <300 nanometers and 90% of particles >300 nanometers.

THE VIRUS VEIL solves the problems that all face masks present, whether homemade or medical grade, and provides better protection in situations where social distancing is difficult or impossible.

Face masks do not protect the eyes.

They touch your face and can make it difficult to breathe, muffle your speech, and irritate your skin.

They can be ill fitting and cause you to touch your face to adjust them.

They can hurt or be uncomfortable on your ears.

They can gape potentially reducing effectiveness for both yourself and others.

Wearing masks can be difficult or impossible to wear for people with lung conditions, autism or anxiety.

Face shields, either with or without a mask, can resolve some of these issues but still do not provide complete protection.

THE VIRUS VEIL solves ALL of these problems.

And because mental health is as important as physical, it’s a bonus that your entire smiling face can be seen while wearing it.  This is also imperative for those who are hearing impaired and rely solely on lip reading for communication.

Send your kids back to school with more confidence.

Use public transportation with more confidence.

Board a flight with more confidence.


**THE VIRUS VEIL is not a substitute for hand washing and social distancing when physically possible.  THE VIRUS VEIL is not guaranteed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or any other virus.  THE VIRUS VEIL is a layer of protection to be used in conjunction with good hygiene and other safety precautions.  Click HERE for other considerations.

There are no refunds on this item as they are made to order.  You may return for repair if needed within 30 days of ship date.




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