Il Cannone in Columbus: A Historic Event

While I was sitting next to my daughter in the sold out Ohio Theatre, I knew that this was a special evening but had no idea exactly how big of a deal it truly was.

Il Cannone (The Cannon) is a 276 year old violin named by it’s former owner, famed Italian composer and violinist, Niccolo Paganini.  When Paganini passed in 1840, he left the violin to the city of Genoa, Italy.

In all this time, Il Cannone has been to the U.S. a total of only three times.  Once to San Francisco, the furthest the violin has ever traveled, in 1999 and once to New York City in 2003.  And now, an event 4 years in the making, Il Cannone is here in our great city as a result of the sister city relationship Columbus has with Genoa.

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Be Kind to My Grandma

With four kids in tow, my trips to Kroger resemble the game show Supermarket Sweep.  They are four ticking time bombs.  Inevitably someone will be hungry or tired or want candy or chips or some big sparkly eyed stuffed animal.  If I go so fast that they’re preoccupied trying to keep up, I don’t have to deal with any of that.

We moved after the divorce, but still go to the same Kroger though there are two closer.  I know where everything is and can be in and out within 15 minutes.


Yesterday I had to excuse myself for dashing into an isle in front of an older woman to grab my balsamic vinegar.  I was going to back out of the isle and head to the next item on my list, but her face absolutely lit up when she saw my kids.

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