Beat the Buzzer B2S Shopping

This is exactly why I try not to run out of wine.  I just spent 20 minutes frantically trying to spend $200 on H & M’s website so I could save 30%…TODAY ONLY…as I’m watching the little clock in the bottom right hand side of the screen get closer and closer to midnight.  It was like trying to disarm a bomb while watching big, red digital numbers tick down after drinking too much coffee.

I began this daunting task earlier in the evening, but of course I didn’t get to finish it.  You know how hard it is to spend $200 at H & M?  I had to walk away from the computer every 5 seconds to wait on my children and completely forgot about it.

Once everyone was in bed, I struggled to stay awake through DVR’d Game of Thrones.  I peeled myself off of the couch with eyes barely open to lock the door and go to bed.

(Honestly, I can’t believe I’m sitting here typing this.  The tiny area of eyeball that is exposed to air and light is burning like crazy.)

Out of the corner of my eye I spied my open laptop.  Here’s how stupid I am.  My first thought was, “Can I just pretend I didn’t remember to order the kid’s clothes?”  How dumb is that?  Who was that hurting?  ME!!  I’d lose the 30% PLUS have to pay for expedited shipping.

I sat down at 11:40 and think that’s pushing it, but it’s doable.  Every time I checked my shopping cart, I wasn’t at $200.  It took a minute, but I finally realized that as I was shopping items I already had in my cart were selling out.

Finally I reached my goal and proceed to checkout.  But this zombie can’t find her wallet.  More things sell out, so I have to add more stuff.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.  Now it’s minutes until midnight.  Find my wallet, create an account, checkout.  Whew!!

Done and done!  I. HATE. SHOPPING.  Too bad they still need shoes and half of their school supplies.  :/




Figures I picked the most beautiful day ever to force myself into writing my very first blog post before allowing myself out of the house.  Ugh.  Also, I didn’t quite imagine it would be about boogers, yet here we are.

So, I need help.  My 5 year old is the sweetest boy on the planet provided his belly is full.  Problem is, it’s an all day every day struggle to get him to eat.

I dread breakfast.  Seriously, if I haven’t had my coffee before my four children wake up, you can just write that entire day off.  Someone once told me “what you don’t get done before noon won’t get done at all.”  In my house, what I don’t get done before the kids wake up, isn’t getting done at all.  Perhaps started, but definitely not completed and this “picky” eater isn’t helping the cause.

Somewhere along the line, I made the huge mistake.  You know, the one where you make different meals for each child because they have epic fucking meltdowns and refuse to eat though you threaten to make them sit at the table until their plate is clean, no matter how long it takes, and eventually you cave because life must go on and you don’t want them to starve?  Anyone?

I long for the days when my three “big” kids (7,5,3) all quietly walked to the breakfast table like little zombies, rubbing their eyes.  They would all eat Cheerios and everything was right in the world.  On occasion, one of them would ask for something different but there wasn’t a lot of variation.

Without getting into the details, and more so because I’m dying to get out of this house, though I had been catering to each individual child, my 5 year old at some point decided that he doesn’t like anything.  I mean nothing.

For weeks he’s been sitting at the table staring at me picking his nose and eating his boogers.  All the while, refusing to eat things like omelets, waffles, cereal, oatmeal, whatever.  Literally, anything I offer to make, he declines.

It’s not just breakfast.  He does this for every single meal.  This summer has been absolutely brutal.  Eventually he comes around, and by eventually I mean lunch.  I end up making him pasta.  He’ll eat a ton, but obviously he can’t pull this once school starts.

Here’s my concern and where I need help.  Like I said, he is the sweetest thing when he’s eaten however, he is a complete dick if he hasn’t.  He’s starting at a new school next week.  I don’t want the teacher and new friends to meet this hangry monster of a child he will be if he doesn’t eat before school.

Yesterday I begged him to tell me one thing he would wake up and eat every day before school.  I named everything.  It got so ridiculous, I was offering donuts as an option.  Nope, not even donuts.

So…boogers for breakfast it is?  Please help!